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The circus in our class

We are going to learn at home the song we made in class and then make a videoclip!!! He’s got musclesHe’s got short hairHe’s got brown eyesHe’s wearing a T-shirtHe’s ...


San Valentine’s day!

I like mountain bike and other sports. I like adventure, comedy and science fiction films. My favorite food is pizza and  Bolognese Spagheties and my own desserts. My favorite football ...


San Valentine’s day!

I like Netherland but I like Robeen.I really like football. I love pizza but I love play PSP.I love sports.I love computer games but I love you.BY: Reda


San Valentine’s day!

I like cycling and sports.I love computer games.I really like pork chops.I don`t like painting.But I love you.BY: Adur


San Valentine’s day!

 San Valentin´s day is romantic. I really like football. I like my friends. I like cartoons and comedies. I love chocolate. I like you. By: Kepa


San Valentine’s day!

Happy San Valentine’s day! I like animals I like sports I really like pizza And… I love you!By: Sara


Unit -3. Food

In this unit we´ve learnt about food.The structures worked in the next videos are:Student A: – Close your eyes!                 – Stop!      ...


When It’s time for bed

I go to bed at half past nine. When it’s time for bed, I wash my face and I clean scared of my teeth. I don’t have a shower. At ...


When it’s time for bed

I go to sleep at half past nine .When it’s time for bed , I clean my teeth and I read a book. I don’t have a shower . At ...